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how to place your order by mail
Placing your order is easy. Complete the steps below to submit your order through the mail (with your photos included or emailed separately).

Submitting your Order and Payment by Mail.

1. Click here to open the Word document and save it to your desktop.
Choose the type of spot illustration(s) and products you want (listed in the products and pricing info section of this site).

Write your choices down on the word file under the "what you are purchasing" section, including price. Don't select the "Add to Cart" buttons on the page since you will be sending your payment with your printed order form through the mail.

NOTE: You can print the form and fill it out by hand (please write legibly) or complete the digital file, print it out, and sign it before mailing.

3. Fill in the required areas on the form and save it to retain a copy.

4. Print the form, then sign and date it.

Find a good photo of your pet to send with your order! Remember! The most expressive images will yield the best results.

If your images are already scanned as digital files, send them to us with your order.
Find out more about tips on images and resolution

6. Mail your complete and printed order form, payment and photo to the address listed in the form.

If you are including printed photos with your order through the mail, please include $2.00 for each photo for scanning costs.
You will be emailed a your scanned image files along with your completed illustration when the order is complete.

If you are sending images on disk or CD, and would like them returned, include a self-addressed envelope and return postage.

Be aware that submitting your order is your signature in agreement to all applicable terms and conditions.
If you don't agree to any of these, please do not place your order with me.

Repeat orders are welcomed! You can order multiple items now or come back later when your spot illustration is complete to
choose other products and prints to share your pet illustration with the world!

When you have completed these steps, placing your order is complete!
You will receive an email to confirm receipt of your order when your order, payment and images are received. Work will not begin until your payment has cleared. You will receive your illustration proof within 2-4 weeks of confirmation date.

Click here to find out more about your next step: Proofing Your Image and Getting Your Illustration

Things to Keep in Mind When Sending In Photos or Image Files on Disk

Sending Photographs or photo prints If you send photos via the postal service and wish them returned, I will be happy to send them back once they are scanned (scanning fee listed on order form), provided you include a prepaid return envelope with your order. I do caution against sending original photos, especially if they are precious in nature, since I cannot personally guarantee their care outside of my hands (in transit). I will, however, do everything I can to ensure their safe return while they are in my posession.

Sending files on disk If you send your image(s) through the mail on disk or CD, preferred file formats are jpg, bmp or tif. If you want these returned to you, you must include a self-address prepaid envelope and they will be returned as quickly as possible.


illustrated paws does reserve the right to reject orders that are considered inappropriate, read more...

illustrated paws respects your privacy and will not share your personal information.

The most expressive images will yield the best illustrations

Choose images that you think best represent you pet's unique personality.
Find out more about tips on images and resolution

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