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This publication is intended to provide information and resources for pet owners, caretakers, and guardians everywhere. If you have an idea for an article or tip - or if you're just looking for information and can't find what you need, just send us a note and we'll get on it as quick as possible.

Training and Language Planning
by Jodi Williams

Training your pet early and consistently is key to building a secure and trusting relationship for your pet in its new environment, but most don't realize that their language plan (or lack of plan) is just as crucial... read more

angie longacre

Points to Consider Before Adopting A Small Dog
by Angie Longacre, Washington

If you’re considering adopting a small dog, first ask yourself "why?" With answers like "I want something to just lie in my lap", "I don't want to have to walk it.", or “I want something to dress up and take places” perhaps you should reconsider... read more

Treating From Your Hand
When training your dog not to "nip" or bite down too quickly when taking food from your hand, try holding the treat cupped inside your hand or fingers as you offer it:
  1. Wait until your dog either noses your hand gently or sits patiently (whichever you prefer) before opening your hand to offer the treat.
  2. Open your hand slowly, watching to ensure that your dog remains calm.
  3. Repeat this until your are comfortable offering the treat each time with your hand a little more open each time.
  4. Open your fingers a little more after each successful try. Not only does this help teach your dog patience, but it will also build trust.

Don't do this more than 3-5 times per seating.

If needed, take a break and engage your dog in a totally different activity before returning to the exercise. This will help you both focus and reduce your frustration if you have a highly intelligent and focus-driven dog.


Pets and Allergies Those of us with pets who suffer from allergies are well aware of the reality that our animal kingdom companions often DO suffer from the same allergic vulnerabilities that we do. But most people who don't have pets or have been fortunate to have pets with healthy and resilient sensitivities may not fully understand this concept.

A pet-caretaker for most of my life, I had never experienced this aspect of pet ownership prior to my current little pet family. My oldest cat, Chase, is allergic to bleach and will experience respiratory problems just walking across a surface cleaned with bleach within the last few hours (tile, tubs, etc).

The worst incident that showed how severe her allergy was occurred several years ago when she walked across the edge of the tub that had just been cleaned with bleach. After just moments she started to have trouble breathing and almost passed out. Thankfully she did recover fully and fairly quickly - but now, if I do have occassion to use any type of bleach products in my home I keep her isolated from the room and fully rinse the surfaces with clean water before allowing her near them.


cat fact Your feline friend is one of the truest carnivores on earth. Maintaining healthy meat products in their diet is essential.

Nutrition and exercise are the most important foundational elements to your pet's health, well-being and ability to enjoy your shared lives. Specific articles of interest pertaining to health and nutrition will be included here in future editions. In the meantime, check out these excellent reference links:

informational link pet health information, links and resources. Also includes "Ask a vet" capability.

informational link The Raw Food Debate Continues. Thinking about putting your pet on a raw food diet? Here's a good link to check out: Raw Foods for Pets: Some Background and Guidelines for Retailers (

informational link Nutrition Glossary From Vetri-Science® Laboratories: Ingredient Breakdown And Key Terminology For Pet Nutitional Supplements

informational link Birds: Profiles, care, nutrition, safety, health and behavior of pet birds, including finches, canaries, budgies, cockatiels, parrots, waterfowl, falcons and more.

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fun stuff to do with your pet

Almost any kind of physical activity you do with your pet (where you are engaged physically and emotionally) can be fun for you and your animal friend. Here are some ideas, links and tips for spending quality time together.

The goal of any activity with your pet is to not only provide them with healthy exercise for the body, but also to provide opportunities for them to exercise their brains as well. The key to enjoying this playtime (for both of you) is to not only "be present" with your pet (as opposed to absently throwing your pet's toy while reading a book), but to be consistent about continuing to practice your boundaries for your pet's behavior and manners.

In other words, if you don't want your pet to nip at you or jump on you, etc., then don't permit them to do this during your playtime.

Make Walking your Dog a Game If you've started to bore with your dog walks because you're repeating the same old routine, try varying the activities on your actual walk.

Even a short 10-15 minute walk can be more interesting and challenging for you and your dog if you vary your pace, practice a different command every few minutes, or even just simply change your direction a couple of times and backtrack 5 or 10 steps before changing direction again to continue your walk. Doing this not only keeps you and your dog more alert for things around you, but it challenges your dog's mental activity and helps reinforce that your dog's most important job is to always be aware of you.

Grooming your Pet If you start early in your pet's life and do this often, grooming your pet can be an excellent bonding experience for you both - and can be fun for you too. Long haired dog or cat? Sneak in a few hairties or bows.

Maybe try a mohawk or two with the shampooing. This works best with a camera in tow, obviously, so you can share your antics with your friends.

You can even send us your photos to post here in pawNEWS.

Here are some other great tips and ideas:informational link Great activities you can do with your dog - Ideas and resources from

informational link Fun Things to Do With Your Pet which includes ideas and resource information about dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals and small mammals submitted by pet owners just like you. Check out their ideas or post your own!


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