purchasing original artwork

purchase original artwork and full commercial usage rights to your illustration

This option is only available after you have completed a spot illustration order with illustrated paws and only in regard to purchasing your pet's illustration. In other words, if I don't have any artwork for you, how can you purchase it?

What does the purchase of the original artwork and full usage rights entitle you to?

Purchase includes original Adobe Illustrator .ai file (or .eps if you prefer) and documented transfer of all image usage rights to you.

All uses of the artwork - any way you like - for as long as you like.

Be aware that pricing will be determined by industry standards at your time of purchase. Just to ballpark this for you so you have an idea of the price range - purchasing original artwork and ALL commercial usage rights will be roughly $750.00*. The good news is, the image and file are yours forever to use, reuse, alter, etc. in any way you like.

To purchase original artwork:

1. Send me an email inquiry. Please include your name, your pet's name and the date your illustration was created (month and year).

2. Once I have received and reviewed your request, I will send you the form which will include information on the purchase price and all terms and conditions of your purchase.

3. If you agree, send the complete, printed, signed and dated copy of the form (to the address provided) through the mail with your payment.

If you don't, then don't do anything further and that's it. Thanks for asking!

4. If you agree and have sent me your form and payment ~ Once they are received, I will send you the image file (via email) and return a copy of the form to you through the mail with the appropriate transfer signatures added. If you prefer that I also send your image file on disk with the form through the mail, please specify.

*NOTE: This estimate does not predetermine your cost in any way and is provided purely as an estimate to inform you that the cost will be fairly significant and your inquiry to purchase should not be made lightly. Although your purchase will grant you the right to full commercial use of the illustration, the work is still a representation of illustrated paws and all efforts will be made to ensure that copyright laws, personal privacy, and just plain common sense will be taken into account both for your protection and mine. For this reason, each original artwork sale will be made on a case-by-case basis (quoted and written specifically for each individual request) to ensure all considerations are taken into account.

illustrated paws will retain the right to use your image in its galleries and marketing material unless otherwise agreed upon during this purchase.

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