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why choose illustrated paws?

illustrated paws offers versatile spot illustrations of your pet that you can use and reuse for your personal expression. Here are just some of the reasons why this may be the right choice for you.

Digitally hand-drawn spot illustration portraits that are unique to your pet.
There will never be another illustration exactly like the one created just for you.

Why settle for a breed representation that doesn't quite match your friend?
Custom spot illustrations let you share YOUR pet's unique and cherished face instead of a generic breed representation.
Your illustration doesn't have to just hang on your wall. Your pet doesn't stay in one place, why should their illustration?
Use your illustration any where and any way that you like for personal expression (terms). Instead of a single portrait, you receive a digital file ready to use and reuse!

Less expensive ~ by far ~ than other portrait sites.

Print your illustration on products that you can use or give as gifts to friends and family.
Make your own items or choose from our available products.

Available custom sizes mean your illustration is scaleable to just about any size you want. Send us an email to inquire about pricing.

Your pet's spot illustration can be reused any way you like for personal expression (terms).
See Purchasing Original Artwork and Commercial Usage Rights for additional purchasing options and information.


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